High School Ministry

We believe these years are some of the most captivating years as you find your identity, belonging and purpose in God’s Family!

If you are a student looking to connect with other students, grow in your faith and have a good time, then you have found the right place! Our student ministry environments have been created with you in mind!  You are a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. Your Heavenly Father designed you for a special purpose. We are pumped for what God is doing and going to do through THIS GENERATION!! 

We believe we can help prepare students to live into their true identity in Christ through worship, interactive Bible study and teaching, prayer and being involved in a small group. This is why CORE has both large group and house group experiences, as well as events and mission trip opportunities. 

Registration for the 2024-2025 Ministry Year coming soon!

Upcoming Mission Trips

 2024 Mission Trips:

BOLD Conference: July 9-12, 2024

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Compton, CA: July 16-21, 2024

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Fundraising Opportunities


Small Groups

Sticky Faith research shows that faith sticks when a student has 5 adults love and encourage their faith journey. At CORE, we believe that a small group leader is one of those people. The purpose of a small group is to be in community and to dive deeper into the Word of God. The early church truly lived life together in ways that exhibited spiritual growth, encouragement, rooted relationships, unity, gratitude, prayer, service, grace, generosity and authenticity. At CORE, high school students will be in placed into groups of same gender/age of 6-9 people.

Large Group

Large Group Nights help to unite the high school ministries as each House Group attends and worships together.

House Groups

A house group is a place for every student to know and be known! Every house has between 3-4 small groups (20-30 students), small group leaders, a point person and the home host. During house group, students will have a time to hang out, receive announcements to keep everyone on the same page, settle in for a teaching, engage in small group time and close the night in prayer.


Profession of Faith

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Profession of Faith (POF) is a milestone where students make a public commitment towards accepting ones identity into the family of God.  Although students may know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives, it becomes more ‘real’ when they stand up and confess Him publically.

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Our Values

High school is a unique time of preparing students to launch new life adventures. Amidst the busyness of this season, we want every student to know they are loved and a part of God’s unfolding story. Because of this we want to journey with students as we learn to be more:

C—Christ Centered

Defined and directed by Christ (John 17:2-4).

O—Others focused

Making ourselves less so that we can serve others and see the needs of other people (Matthew 16:24-27). As we learn to

R—Rely on His strength

Looking for ways to connect with God on a regular basis, through scripture reading, prayer, small groups and Ignite Prayer (2 Timothy 3:16-17). And we want


For everyone to know they are welcomed in the Body of Christ: Safe and open community of believers (Romans 12:19-21).


Lauren Drake
NextGen Youth Support Coordinator

office: 641-628-4900 x303