Our Affiliation

Third Church is a part of a denomination of churches affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. The basic doctrinal beliefs of the Reformed Church in America can be viewed online at While denominational ties and a shared theology can be very important to a local church’s identity, the call to be in mission partnership with the Holy Spirit is the highest value in proclaiming the lordship of Jesus Christ to a fallen and broken, yet valuable, world. In light of this value, as Third Church humbly identifies with and stands in its historical and theological heritage, it also embraces a generous orthodoxy with people who come from other orthodox Christian traditions. What this means practically without compromising the truth of Scripture is as follows:

  • Anyone who comes from an orthodox Christian tradition who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord is welcome to participate in the mission and membership of Third Church.
  • Anyone who holds a variable yet viable orthodox Christian interpretation of a non-salvation teaching which is different from the historic Reformed interpretation of that teaching is welcome to participate in mission and membership as a part of Third Church.
  • Anyone who aspires to formal leadership positions at Third Church must sign off signifying affirmation and support of all identity statements of Third Church.

Directional & Faith Statements