Healing Prayer Event Archives

We've occasionally held events of prayer with the purpose of going deeper into one specific area of healing. These events consisted of a time of teaching, followed by an extended time of prayer ministry and space to personally respond to the work of the Holy Spirit.

These archives contain videos and printable materials that were used at these events. We invite you to explore these resources as another opportunity for help with healing.

Healing Our Losses
11.02.14 | Healing Event Archive, Grief

On this side of heaven, loss is a part of our story. For many of us though, there are pieces of loss in our lives that we never expected to experience—losing loved ones too soon, wrestling with sickness, losing jobs we love, or having to say...

Healing Our Fears
02.23.14 | Healing Event Archive, Fear

The most frequent command in the Bible is “do not fear” or “fear not” and yet, how often do we disregard that command and allow fear to rob the peace that comes from trusting in God? Are you ready to break the chains of fear that control us and...