Children's Ministry

This is the place where children explore,
experience and express God’s Kingdom!

We seek to send out servant-hearted children with a passion for Jesus into the world by allowing them to explore God's creation, experience His love and express His Word. We love hanging out with kids and believe they can live passionately for Jesus and shine brightly for Him in their homes, schools, communities and beyond!

Discipleship Opportunities

Sunday Mornings

Children's Ministry—t3kids

Discipleship for children birth-5th grade, which we call t3kids, is available during the 9:15 and 11:00 am worship services from September to May. Accommodations for children with special needs are also available. Please contact us, to discuss what assistance your child will need while at t3kids.


Explore—Ladybug Nursery



In the Ladybug Nursery, our goal is simple- that your young ones would begin to understand and learn about God’s love for them. Volunteer caregivers and parents are ready to love and care for your infants or toddlers. The nursery is located on the upper level by the Fellowship Hall. In order for our nursery to run smoothly we are asking parents to plan to serve quarterly.

View Nursery Brochure



2 years—Pre-K


Caring volunteers will show your kids the love of Jesus in our Early Childhood area in the lower level of Third Church. We allow our kids to explore in a joyful, fun-filled, safe environment where they can learn about Jesus through a time of play, singing, Bible stories and crafts.

Room breakdown for these levels are:
Goldfish Room—2 years
Bee Room—3 years
Frog Room—4 years to PreK

Potty Training/Diapering? We are sensitive to this stage of life and have “In Training” stickers available for you to stick on your child’s shirt during the arrival time. This helps our leaders know that your child may need to be checked-in with throughout their time with us. We also have diapering facilities for children wearing diapers. 





Come and encounter God’s love for us in the K-2nd Grade These age groups will experience three foundational truths as they create community and are challenged to become more missional-minded: I can trust God no matter what and, I should treat others the way I want to be treated and I need to make the wise choice.

Children will engage in both small and large group experiences in each grade. Small groups create community by helping children interact through Bible Story discussions, Bible memory verse activities and the monthly virtue crafts and games. Large group activities help connect children to the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through expressive praise and worship, creative Bible story telling, time in God’s presence and “Fun with the Father” hands on stations.


Big Story



In 3rd & 4th grade, children learn the redemptive plan of God’s Big Story and how their story intersects with God's! The Old and New Testament are part of the same story line—the redemption narrative God had from the start to bring us back into relationship with Him.





5th grade


In the 5th Grade Experience, the year is divided into three separate teachings:

  1. Spiritual Gifts
  2. The Global Mission/Persecuted Church
  3. Hearing God

We provide teaching and ministry opportunities for 5th graders to learn about and discover their own spiritual gifts. In addition, 5th graders become aware of what it looks like to be a Christian around the world and the faith testing persecution many of our brothers and sisters in Christ experience. In our Sunday morning rhythm, we make space for students to experience God personally.

Sunday Morning 5th Grade Leader:  Cathy Diehl




Wednesday Nights

Flourishing Families

Families are busy.  We get that. We desire a time and place where families can come and just ‘be’—where families can be together. On Wednesday nights, the table will be set to eat, pray, grow and serve together as family. This will happen through eating a meal, encountering His presence through interacting with the Word and Spirit and being a source of encouragement in the Kingdom. This experience will encourage your family to walk daily with Jesus.  For families to flourish in this cultural moment, we believe we need to “Be beside (our Lord) and He will guide.”

Each generation is invited to be involved in multiple ways! We invite parents to bring their children and their children’s friends. We know each individual family looks different; and we are excited to welcome everyone. Some families have both parents living at home, some have one and some have blended families. Each family has a special place at the Father’s table and we learn and understand more about that purpose as we come together and encourage one another. All of our families—in their uniqueness—make up the larger Third Church Family. We invite grandparents to attend with their biological children and grandchildren or bring their biological or God-grandchildren. They could also be a Grand-friend for a child whose parent(s) can’t attend.


Third Church is committed to providing a safe & secure environment for all children, students and volunteers who participate in ministries and opportunities sponsored by our church.

Child Check-In
We use an electronic child check-in system in which each child gets a numbered nametag that is placed on the child. The parents receive a sticker indicating the identification number on the child's nametag which we use to call parents if needed during a service. The parent is also required to show this sticker in order to pick up their child.

Restroom/Diaper Policy
We request that only female adults change diapers and take children to the restroom.
There must be two volunteers accompanying a child to the restroom.

Food Allergies: Allergy Awareness/Food and Drink
Nuts, peanut butter, any products containing nuts, or any food processed with nuts may not be brought into Third Church kids area. Parents are requested to inform us about all food allergies during registration. Children that have a food allergy has this noted on their nametag.

Volunteer guidelines: Background Check
We perform background checks on everyone over the age of 18 who volunteers with children and students. All volunteers are required to watch a video and sign off in agreement with our Third Church leadership guidelines.

Medical Emergencies/Accidents/Injuries
If there is any type if emergency concerning your child, we will notify you by putting your child’s number up in the services. In an emergency, you will also receive a text.

The Sensory Room

The Sensory Room serves families with children who have unique needs. The room creates a safe and soothing space for kids who are feeling overwhelmed in a Children’s Ministry setting. Our space has a wide range of toys, books and sensory stations to help create a calm environment for all who walk through the doors. Each child can be provided a one-on-one that will accompany him or her throughout the morning. Our goal is to serve the individual needs of each child and their family.  We are open during the Children Ministry year at both the 9:15 am and 11:00 am services on Sunday.



Lindsay Place
NextGen Kids Support Coordinator

office: 641-628-4900 x513

Cathy Diehl
Spiritual Formation Team Leader

office: 641-628-4900 x306