Third Place CafÉ


Third Place gets its name from a book by Ray Oldenburg, Celebrating the Third Place, which says that everyone needs a "third place." Putting aside concerns of work and home, a third place provides a place where people can gather and hang out simply for the pleasure of good company and lively conversation. We hope you'll find that kind of community at Third Place Cafe.


*The weeks of holidays, hours and service may change. Additionally, the café closes for part of the summer.



About Third Place Café

Third Place Cafe is a self-supporting ministry of Third Church. Proceeds are used as operating funds for the cafe with any excess funds being placed in the general fund to support the overall mission of Third Church. The mission of the cafe is to serve quality food and drink in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that creates opportunities for community and fellowship. To more effectively fulfill its purpose and mission, the Third Place Cafe expanded its operations by adding a lunch menu consisting of sandwiches, soups and salads. Lunch is available each weekday, and all are welcome! Coffee and other drinks continue to be served and are available throughout the week, as well as on Sunday mornings.  

The success of this ministry is largely dependent on the many volunteers that give their time and talents to work in the cafe. We are very thankful for the dedicated and talented volunteers that we are blessed to work with.