Student Profession of Faith

Profession of Faith is a milestone where students make a public commitment towards accepting ones identity into the family of God.  Although students may know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives, it becomes more ‘real’ when they stand up and confess Him publically. 

Why do we celebrate Profession of Faith (POF)?

Students learn. As an important step in the process, students learn what it means to be a disciple and part of the local church.

Students provide a witness to others. The simple words, ‘I do,’ reminds students (and others) that we accept the promises that God has for us. This is a big responsibility because others will be looking at what POF students are saying and how they are acting.

Students serve. Students will be launched (or continue) to serving in areas of giftings and passions as an integral part of the Third Church Family.

Students are discipled. Third Church promises to continue to invest in the POF students through discipleship and serving opportunities.

Profession of Faith Process



In November, 6th-12th grade students will be invited to attend a 5-week class, which will start in January, that answers the foundational question: What does it mean to be a Christian? After the class, students can choose whether or not they would like to learn more about what it looks like to be a Christian as part of the Body of Christ and continue the POF process.




In late winter, after the Foundations class, students who desire to continue with the POF process will be asked to find a mentor who can walk with them through a curriculum that helps them reflect on God’s movement in their lives as well as teaches them about what it looks like to be part of the local church. Students will also meet with Third Church elders to share their testimony. 




A spring celebration during Sunday services will occur to share testimonies, have students profess their faith and publicly acknowledge this important milestone.




Following the POF Celebration, students are required to continue to meet with their mentor for 4-6 weeks to continue to unpack what it means to be a disciple in this culture and follow-up on how the student will continue/begin to serve the body of Christ at Third.

Take the Next Step

Foundations Class

The Foundations Class is the first step in the Profession of Faith Process and we would love to have you join us at our next Foundations class starting in January. Ready to take this next step?

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Have you already taken Foundations Class and are ready to begin the Mentorship Process? Mentorships will begin in February. Ready to take this step? Contact your ministry leader and they will help find you a mentor.

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