1 Blessing x 1 Invitation

We live in a world populated by written, posted, and spoken words that are critical, judgmental, and angry. Let's be different. We have a BIG GOAL for our church: 5 million blessings spoken to others over 5 years. 

Why spoken blessings? A spoken blessing leaves less room for misinterpretation and misinformation. When you have someone’s attention and you intentionally speak words of blessing, it cuts through all the noise, the lies, and the distractions.

We believe these spoken blessings will result in the second part of 1 x 1 Living: as you speak those words throughout the week, you’ll feel called to invite them to church with you. 

Speaking blessings will help others feel:

  • Seen
    The first act of love is your attention. As you speak blessings into the lives of others, you will begin to notice the people you share life with each day.
  • Known
    For your words to be valuable and full of life you have to know what to say. Speaking blessings will help you become more curious about everyone you meet, which will help them feel known. 
  • Loved
    In Jesus' words, blessings are salt and light. They are words that are valuable, preserve life, feed hungry souls, and draw out what is good in another. They shine light into dark places and help others to see themselves and the world for what they truly are. 


How to Get Involved:


  1. Practice in service each Sunday. Each week, we will help you get started with one “freebie” blessing when we gather for worship. The next six days are up to you!
  2. Each Sunday, we’ll reflect on the week and write down who we blessed. You will drop that list into a clear container so we can see the number of blessings grow!
  3. Set a daily reminder (use a calendar, an alarm, or find a partner to remind you) and speak blessings over those you encounter during the week.
  4. As we speak blessings over those in our community, invite them to join you at church on Sunday.