Disability Assistance

In healthy churches, everybody belongs.

If there is a way we can support you, we want to do it! We welcome those with disabilities to any and all services, groups, classes and experiences.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Handicap accessible parking is located in both parking lots with easy elevator access to both levels of our building. Restrooms are all accessible and seating in our worship venues is flexible so that we can accommodate.


The Sensory Room

The Sensory Room serves families with children who have unique needs. The room creates a safe and soothing space for kids who are feeling overwhelmed in a Children’s Ministry setting. Our space has a wide range of toys, books and sensory stations to help create a calm environment for all who walk through the doors. Each child can be provided a one-on-one that will accompany him or her throughout the morning. Our goal is to serve the individual needs of each child and their family.  We are open during the Children Ministry year at both the 9:15 am and 11:00 am services on Sunday.


Hearing Assistance


A ‘T-Coil’ hearing system is installed in a portion of the sanctuary which allows those with hearing aids equipped with ‘T-coils’ to hear sound directly from the church sound system thereby reducing or cutting out background noise. If you currently have a hearing aid equipped with ‘T-Coils’, you can turn your hearing aid to that setting to use this system. Because of aesthetic and cost considerations, the system was installed under the carpet towards the front of the sanctuary where the chairs are. Sitting in this area will give you the highest signal quality. If you are outside the chairs, such as in the pews, the system will be unreliable.


Wireless Devices

Please note that the ‘T-Coil’ system is in addition to the wireless hearing devices we have at The Welcome Center that are available for your use free of charge. These devices are used as over the ear headphones and allow for increased volume which is controlled by the user. This system may be helpful for those that have diminished hearing.