Adult Discipleship

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith

When:Every other Monday, from 09/20/2021 to 03/21/2022, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Essential Truths of the Christian Faith focuses on 100 clear teachings in scripture that are at the core of the Christian faith. There is so much confusion and syncretism (blending of various religions) in our world today. Essential Truths will help clarify and focus these 100 themes in bite size pieces so that the mosaic of your faith and beliefs come into focus from a knowledge perspective and practical life application. All four Third Church values of intimacy, identity, belonging and purpose will be highlighted as part of the process in Christ. We will meet every other Monday evening for two semesters.

LEADER: Lyle Horman, Mike Lind
MATERIALS: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by RC Sproul (purchase prior to first gathering)



Children's Discipleship

Not available.