Distributed Action

Distributed Action

Monday, June 10, 2024 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

In our summer series titled Distr-action we're asking how we can be "distributed action".

The Well Works

One of the opportunities is to partner with the Well Works program by working alongside one of their team members. You'll enjoy the work and get to build relationship with their team!! Sign-up HERE.

$1 for 1 Story

Throughout this series we’re going to practice being a blessing through our generosity. This is an “extra opportunity” that we hope drives our ability to freely share our resources. We’re calling it $1 for 1. All are invited to bring at least $1 to worship each week. What will we do with it? Come back each week to read the story and find out how much was given!

  • Each week we’ll share a specific need in our community.
  • The dollars given will be given to meet that need.
  • There will be a “new need” shared each week!


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