Tulip Time Hospitality

    04.08.19 | Volunteer In the Community

    Spring has arrived and Tulip Time is just around the corner! For many years, during the Festival, Third Church has hosted a Hospitality Tent in Central Park. It has been a wonderful place for guests to rest, experience warm hospitality and free refreshments during the Tulip Festival. This continues to be a great opportunity for the Third Church family to live out our mission statement and be sent as servant hearted disciples to serve our community and welcome visitors. There is a place for all ages and stages to contribute as we share the love, grace and generosity of Jesus. Mark your calendars for May 2-4 and sign up to help in the way that fits you best! Don’t miss this opportunity to join in the mission of Third Church.


    Love to accomplish tasks and make things happen? We are looking for a couple volunteers willing to join Ed Sprague’s team in the organizing and running of the Third Church Hospitality Tent. These individuals play a key role and serve as a team leader for one day of the festival, replenishing supplies and overseeing the operation of the tent. We would love to have you be a part of our team! If you are interested or have any questions, please call Ed Sprague at 780-2492.


    Have muscles? We need willing helpers to erect the tent at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, April 30 and dismantle the tent at 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 5. These are fun evenings and the tasks don’t take long. Many hands make light work! Call Ed Sprague at 780-2492 if you have questions, otherwise just show up and help us!


    Love to meet new friends? Sign up to serve as a greeter! This is such a fun role to play. You get to wear a smile and your Dutch costume, if you choose. Guests so appreciate your warm welcome, the offer of free refreshments and a place to rest. Greeters are needed from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm during the three days. It doesn’t take much time, just pick a 2 hour time slot.

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    Enjoy baking? Last year we served nearly 300 DOZEN cookies throughout the three days of Tulip Time. What a refreshing treat to enjoy a FREE cookie along with a cup of hot coffee, or cool glass of lemonade or water. We are so grateful that the Third Church Family is so generous in supplying a beautiful variety of delicious cookies and bars. Signing up lets us know how many you’ll be baking and helps us plan. Drop off is easy. Bring your cookies to the church kitchen any time before Wednesday, May 1. You’re welcome to make them early, label them TULIP TIME and put them in the church freezer. (To help prevent breakage, please package in a container with a hard surface.)

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    Have a wheelchair you would be willing to loan us? Quite a number of guests are extremely blessed by the use of a wheelchair. If you would be willing to help us meet those needs, please bring your wheelchair to the church on or before Wednesday, May 1. It works best if you securely label your wheelchair with your name and phone number. We would very much appreciate it!