The How-To Guide for a Retreat

08.24.18 | Resources Prayer Resources Retreat Guide by Terry Van Dusseldorp

“Retreat” is a deliberate attempt to place your life before God to seek a deeper awareness of the Divine Presence. To retreat is not to permanently choose to hide or with-draw from conflicts or struggles or responsibilities, but rather a time to regroup, rethink, reclaim, restore, revamp and recreate—so to reengage with renewed insight & purpose. So, in some ways, we may say that it is an actual “advance”! Think of this as a menu to build your own retreat. On the left, find options and on the right, design your time. Creating your retreat is an important process. We’ve provided a space to create a 1-6 hour retreat. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in how He wants to spend time with you! As you plan your retreat, remember how God delights in being with you uniquely and enjoy this gift.

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