The Circle of Love: Flourishing in Exile

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    The Circle of Love: Flourishing in Exile

    We can flourish in exile by participating in what theologians call “The Circle of Love.” This phrase is used to describe the relationship shared by God. What do we mean by this phrase, “the Circle of Love?” The “Circle of Love” reveals that our God is a holy community—Father, Son, and Spirit. Be reminded that humanity is created in the image of (God’s) community, with a deep longing to love and to be loved. These next weeks are an invitation to be(come) like the Triune God—to belong to each other, to be one as our God is one, to refuse to live our lives alone and to intentionally invite others into the wonder of this “Circle of Love.” Living in this way enables us to flourish and to reveal the goodness of the Kingdom of God. What an invitation! What an opportunity!

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    04.19.20 | Introduction
    04.26.20 | Joyful Intimacy
    05.03.20 | Glad Surrender
    05.10.20 | Complex Simplicity
    05.17.20 | Mutual Indwelling
    05.24.20 | Passionate Mission

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