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    07.09.20 | Resources Middle School Ministry

    The Chosen is a new series on the life of Jesus. This TV series expands on the biblical narrative in a historically accurate interpretation of each biblical text. There are eight episodes. You can view these episodes either on YouTube (only the first 4) or by downloading The Chosen app and watching them for free. We hope you enjoy this opportunity together. Trust us, these are beautifully done and you will not want to skip this opportunity to engage in the life of Jesus together as a family. *Please note that the first episode is spiritually intense and would not be recommended for young kids.  

    Ways to Watch

    YouTube—(first 4 episodes)
    Links to The Chosen App for IOS and Android
    Additional viewing options

    Family Discussion Guides

    Episode One
    Episode Two
    Episode Three
    Episode Four
    Episode Five
    Episode Six
    Episode Seven
    Episode Eight