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Visio Divina: Resurrection
04.12.20 | Retreat Guide

In this retreat we will use visio divina (holy seeing), a way to pray with the eyes. As we invite the Holy Spirit, this practice of savoring a piece of art can be imaginative, refreshing and stirs in us the desire to worship God in the beauty of...

The Good Shepherd
09.13.18 | Retreat Guide | by Terry Van Dusseldorp

Reflect on Psalm 23 using “Lectio Divina” or Sacred Reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you sit with this Scripture today. Take a moment to become quiet and allow yourself to become aware of God’s presence with you. Where have you...

The Sower
09.13.18 | Retreat Guide | by Terry Van Dusseldorp

The parable of the sower in Matthew 13 deals with the inner condition of one's heart. This design shows a beat-en path, gravel, thorny soil and good soil. The good soil produces in abundance. Sit with the Lord and ask Him about the seeds and...

09.13.18 | Retreat Guide | by Terry Van Dusseldorp

Most of us in Iowa are familiar with the sight of fields changing from post-winter to underturned black rich soil, to fuzzy green new growth, to heavy with crop, and back to frozen in winter. Are not our hearts just like these farm fields?

Soul Keeping
08.30.18 | Retreat Guide | by Terry Van Dusseldorp

Our soul is the deepest thing about you. Jesus said that the soul is more valuable than the world. So why would we not value it? Two things are true. You have a soul and it is the only one you will ever have. How are you "keeping your...

The How-To Guide for a Retreat
08.24.18 | Retreat Guide | by Terry Van Dusseldorp

“Retreat” is a deliberate attempt to place your life before God to seek a deeper awareness of the Divine Presence. To retreat is not to permanently choose to hide or with-draw from conflicts or struggles or responsibilities, but rather a time to...