Groups Ministry

Life together, Jesus together.

We believe people are able to grow in groups. Relationships transform us whether it’s in connection through community or deep faith exploration that leads to growth. We have groups that you can connect to—an environment where you can comfortably flourish.  We want to help you find one that’s right for you.

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Groups, Tribes, Communities, Circles, Neighbors: We were created to do life with others. Whether you are looking for a group for a specific season and reason or you are looking for people to do life with; We have a group for you!

Childcare is always available by group or on an individual basis, as we never want lack of childcare to be an obstacle for participation. Contact Klayton Korver about Children's Discipleship or childcare options for those involved in Groups ministry.

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Karl Korver
Care Team Coordinator

office: 641-628-4900 x403

Klayton Korver
Lead Pastor - Teaching & Vision

office: 641-628-4900 x401