Summer Series

Summer Series

Every Tuesday, from 06/16/2020 to 07/14/2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location: Auditorium | Third Church, 708 East 13th St, Pella, IA US 50219

Summer Series consists of one hour teachings over the noon hour with presenters being leaders from Third Church. This year, Summer Series will be held in the Auditorium as well as livestreamed on Third’s YouTube Channel. After an initial conversation about COVID-19 the first week, the topics will focus on creating 2020 vision with a deeper dive into TRC’s values of intimacy, identity, belonging and purpose.


LEADERS: See schedule below.

No registration; just show up at the Auditorium or join online at our YouTube channel.



Coping in Disorientation

Presented by Phil De Boef
We will be discussing three relevant topics of our day through the lens of the Pastoral Care Ministry!
Phil DeBoef and Karen Cleveland will address the following subjects:
• Grieving with those who grieve
• Maintaining equilibrium when the world is rocking
• Practical ways to cope with crisis

We look forward to learning together some spiritual truth and practical skills for these days of disorientation.

Download materials for this presentation.



Intimacy—Created for Deep Connection with God

Presented by Steph Hietbrink
Join us for an experiential time of exploring intimacy with God through several different traditional streams of Christianity.  God in His multi-faceted beauty invites us to know and be known by Him through a variety of pathways – from Word, to Spirit, to Sacrament – you will be invited to explore some practices that you can use on your own journey of intimacy with our Triune God. 

How to Do the Lectio Divina
How to Practice Christian Meditation
Podcast: Daily Lectio Divina by Abiding Way Ministries
Additional Prayer Resources



Belonging—Created for Deep Connection with Others

Presented by Jenny Hesseltine
Let’s talk about belonging. It’s easy to talk about how good it feels to be in community and encourage everyone to join a small group or be part of something bigger than themselves. We’re going deeper in this conversation, addressing two specific points of our Third Church core value of belonging with multiple voices in the front of the room. 1. We aspire to be a culture of honor, valuing all those inside and outside the church. 2. We experience the fullness of who God is when we are intentionally in community with those from every ethnicity, language and nation. How can we as a church family really put these beliefs into practice? Lean in and learn with us!



Identity—We Know Who and Whose We Are

Presented by Katie Peterson
Our identity is shaped as our minds are renewed through the Scriptures, we abide and mature in Christ, receive and extend God’s grace, and understand that transformation is God’s work in us over our lifetimes.  During this Summer Series you will gain different perspectives of God’s transformational work in each generation. 

How to Pray the Promises of God
Father's Love Letter



Purpose—Sent with Significance for Kingdom Impact

Presented by Klayton Korver
Our time together will be one in which we engage questions. Sent? Sent where? Sent when? Far away or out into each day? And what would be significant about it? How will I know it’s significant and what does that mean? Our passage for the teaching time will be John 15:16 for those who want to read ahead.

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