Middle School Ministry

Family Ministry

We believe there is incredible hope for this generation
as the church and home come together to rely on God
to transform us into His likeness!

We are excited for the ways that God is using and will continue to use parents and guardians as the spiritual champion and authority in their homes! Through prayer, listening to families, reading and much discussion, we believe that a streamlined Family Ministry Model is the best way for Third Church to partner with what God is doing in the church during this time in history.

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Stay Connected

Over these next several weeks, while we as parents walk through these unprecedented times and lead our children through them, we just want you to know Third Church Children & Student Ministry is here to stay connected with you and your family! God’s love and presence is real; it calms anxiety, it satisfies the weary, it brings light to the darkness and pours out like refreshing rain in dry places. You and your family were created to experience this divine love and presence together! Even though we are required to keep ‘social distance’ during this time, we know God’s love and presence is not limited to physical spaces. Our prayer is to encourage and equip your family to have your living room space set up to be a holy place where you will gather and grow through Word and Spirit.





WEEK ONE | Psalms of Lament
WEEK THREE | Generosity
WEEK SIX | Way to Exile
WEEK SEVEN | Sabbath
WEEK EIGHT | Ruthless Elimination of Hurry-1
WEEK NINE | Ruthless Elimination of Hurry-2
WEEK TEN | Ruthless Elimination of Hurry-3


Upcoming Mission Trips

After much prayer, discernment and wise counsel, we have decided to call off all Third Church Summer Mission Trips. The COVID-19 Pandemic has left us unable to be in many of our trip locations at this time. We hope to provide service opportunities that engage the generous heart of God as we desire to be His hands and feet on earth. We will announce these opportunities if/when we can.

Fundraising Opportunities

Profession of Faith

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Profession of Faith (POF) is a milestone where students make a public commitment towards accepting ones identity into the family of God.  Although students may know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives, it becomes more ‘real’ when they stand up and confess Him publically.

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Brett Wiersma
Student Ministry Team Leader

office: 641-628-4900 x308