Kingdom Healing Conference






Throughout the scriptures we see Jesus bringing the good news of the Kingdom in word and in deed-healing sickness and disease as He demonstrated what was available for us in God’s Kingdom. We long to see greater numbers of people encounter the Healer and be equipped in the ministry of healing, so we are excited to be welcoming to Third Church - Marcus Dygert of Global Awakening!

Is this open to people from outside of Third Church?

Absolutely! We are excited to welcome people from many different churches from all across the Midwest to this event!

Is it too late to register?

Thankfully - NO! You can register all the way up to the event and we will even take walk-ins, BUT it sure helps our planning if you will register soon. Scroll down the page to the registration form.

Where is the conference?

All of the sessions will take place in the Third Church Sanctuary. The closest entrance is the Main entrance in the upper parking lot.

Will there be childcare?

We are sorry to say that we are not able to provide childcare for this event. Children and students are welcome to attend sessions for FREE though. We love for children and students to learn about healing! Just a reminder that these are longer sessions though and maybe a bit more difficult for littles to sit through.

Where there be snacks or meals?

We will be providing coffee and water throughout the conference and a light snack on Saturday afternoon. There is an option to purchase a boxed lunch on Saturday for $10 if you would prefer to remain on site. You will have a long enough break between sessions to go off site for lunch and dinner options.


Recommendation from Dr. Randy Clark

Marcus’ life story or testimony, like that of William Wood’s should be made into a movie or a book.  It is one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard.  It is full of the supernatural with miraculous healings in his own body.  It is also the powerful story of overcoming terrible life circumstances, including living for a while in storm drains prior to going into foster care. 

I highly recommend Marcus as a seasoned minister, graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry, and former associate pastor and church planting team member. He is gifted and anointed in teaching, equipping, encouraging, healing, and signs and wonders.  God’s hand is upon Marcus.


Teaching & Equipping Opportunities

All the sessions are different and most of the sessions will be about 2 1/2 hours in length and will include worship, testimony, different teachings about healing, and also ministry time. This is an EQUIPPING conference that will also have multiple opportunities for you to RECEIVE HEALING every session! The two larger healing services will be during the Friday night and Saturday night sessions.

We will be taping the event and making the links available to anyone who has REGISTERED for the conference. If you need to miss a session you will be able to catch up!


Friday | November 15

1:30 pm—Identity and the Goodness of God
6:30 pm—The Ways of God in Healing

Saturday | November 16

9:00 am—Rubble in the Way of Healing
1:30 pm—Healing Outside of the Church - Healing and Marketplace Ministry
3:00-4:00 pm—Soaking Prayer Room Ministry
6:30 pm—The Power of Testimony - Healing Service


*Marcus will also be sharing at Third Church’s Sunday morning service and their Sunday night 610 service.


Marcus Dygert


I’m a passionate minister that desires everyone to live a life of miracles; not just miracles of physical healing, but miracles from living a full life IN CHRIST. I have seen God do miracles in many areas of my life, as have many others that have been involved in the ministries I have led.  

 Through a powerful encounter of physical healings in my own body and an impartation from Bill Johnson, God launched me into a healing ministry in 2010.  After another powerful impartation from Dr. Randy Clark in 2016, God gave me a gift of faith and I started to see God do creative miracles. Through these powerful encounters, I have a gift of faith for miracles and a passion to see others walk in healing and wholeness.

Through the years, I have seen the favor of God in business and ministry. I have sat with governors, mayors, and parish presidents, even though I did not get a formal business education. Marketplace ministry is very Important to me, as I have seen God do amazing things in my time doing work with Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Disaster Mitigation.

In my conferences, I teach on cultivating a life in Christ that will empower Christians to believe again in the signs and wonders of the healing and prophetic ministries. I believe that the Church can grow even more through sustaining an ability to cultivate the lifestyle of miracles by long-term relationships. My other passions to speak on are:  forgiveness, marketplace ministry, encounters with God, and the Father’s heart. 

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