Care Ministries

Whether it is a scheduled surgery or an unexpected challenge in your life, we want to be there to listen, pray and care for you.

The Third Church Pastoral Care Team wants to walk with you when you are going through a difficult time.  Some of the things we offer are:

• Meeting with one of the Pastoral Care staff who will listen to your concerns.
• Praying with you concerning your needs.
• Sending an intercessory prayer request on your behalf to our church leadership.
• Letting the congregation know of your needs via the church bulletin (e.g. death in the family, recent surgery, need for drivers, etc.)
• Connecting you with Third Church ministries that could encourage you.
• Assessing the need for professional Christian counseling.
• Referring you to community resources that might also be helpful.

To contact the Pastoral Care Team, call the church office at 641-628-3051.

Sheltering Tree


Sheltering Tree

Sheltering Tree is a ministry team who provides visits to members of our church family who need care.


Pastoring Shepherds are trained lay people that provide care to people of Third Church who are experiencing longer term care needs. They are assigned to walk with a person one-on-one over several years with the purpose of building lasting relationships. Visits by the Pastoring Shepherd usually occur at least once a month for the duration of the assignment. Many of our elderly members benefit from this type of lasting, reliable relationship.

CONTACT: Phil De Boef

Volunteer Resources

Find links to forms and other information for Care Ministry volunteers at Third Church. For questions, contact Jane Kraft.




Phil De Boef
Pastoral Care Team Leader

office: 641-628-4900 x404

Jane Kraft
Pastoral Care Leader

office: 641-628-4900 x203

Karl Korver
Adult Discipleship Team Leader & Pastoral Care

office: 641-628-4900 x403