New Testament Survey


L E A R N I N G   C E N T E R


January 23 - April 3 (bi-weekly meetings)                      
DAY & TIME:   Every-Other Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM Keith's Office
AFFINITY:     Anyone who has completed Old Testament Survey
COMMITMENT LEVEL:  (4-6 hours of weekly assignments)
REGISTRATION FEE:   $40 (pay online)
DEADLINE:   January 16
REQUIRED MATERIALS:   A Popular Survey of the Old Testament
and provided workbook (order now)
CHILDCARE:   Yes (children must be preregistered)

LEARNING COACH:   Seth Schreur

  DESCRIPTION: This course surveys the major themes and emphases in the New Testament that point us to God's plan for salvation. Teaching approach is that Jesus Christ is Key to the inspiration, canonization, and interpretation of scripture.

Who would benefit from taking this class:
  • Small group facilitators & large group instructors
  • Those wanting a more in-depth Bible knowledge

This course is required for the Commission Pastor and Worship Leader training tracks.


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